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A good researcher must be open-minded and must also adopt a critical way of thinking. Besides, he/she should be hard working, diligent, focused and devoted to his/her specific field of interest.

As a Research Associate, you will conduct company and executive research. You will identify prospective candidates, build out profiles in our database, develop phone and email details, and verify that information. In doing so, you will analyze the data for competitive insights and business intelligence.

Our research associates also build org charts of target companies. It’s a little like piecing together a giant jigsaw puzzle. They figure out how companies are structured, what people are working in what teams, and what product groups are within each team. In doing so, they’re up to their elbows in our database. So, it helps if you are adept at analyzing corporate data, spotting patterns in the information, and enjoy wrangling data to ensure data quality.

Additionally, our associates recruit, conducting initial outreach to candidates to qualify them. They also speak with sources and industry experts to network our way to the perfect candidate. Our associates thrive on the challenge of finding the perfect candidate. (In fact, not finding the ideal candidate occasionally keeps us up at night.) In other words, we do a lot of online research and when we recruit, we do a lot of calling. (So, it helps if you like to pick up the phone and actually talk to people.) In doing so, you will serve as an ambassador of our firm, building trusted relationships as we glean insights, and cultivating prospective clients.


  • 1-4 years of experience in mapping across sectors at CXO levels

  • Finding talented people that would be the best to work for your clients

  • Knows how to use all research tools

  • Good Network and ability to take references

  • Have closed at least 4-5 CXO level searches in a year

  • Ideal if you've got a knack for researching, Head Hunters have to use this vital skill to understand what the client is looking for and find the right candidates who match their requirement

  • A college degree, honors preferred.

  • Attention to detail. You enjoy making sure the research is error-free.

  • Strong sense of curiosity. Love of puzzle-solving.

  • A self-starter, someone who is intrinsically motivated to be successful.

  • Enjoys teamwork and collaboration with a positive outlook.

  • Discreet and protects the confidentiality of client engagements.

  • Natural leadership ability. Takes responsibility for a successful outcome.



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